Mailbox Quota

Mail Quota

The mail quota is the limit on the amount of email you can store on the in your hosting account space for a single email address. In this The WebClick quota limits are very high - 5GB for each email address. When your use the IMAP protocol to view your email, each device "reads" the email from the server, rather than downloading it to the device (the POP protocol does this).

This was done intentionally so that our clients would not run into problems with their mailboxes filling up every few months. However, the mail quota contributes to the overall account disk space usage, which is usually much lower, depending on which hosting plan you have.

To prevent your mailbox filling up, you will need to constantly monitor it and delete/archive emails that you do not need to be stored in the main inbox.

If an email address does reach it's quota, mail will not be delivered and will instead be bounced back to the sender with an error message.

If an email address (or multiple email addresses) exceeds the disk space for the hosting account, we will not cap your storage space, but your account will be charged monthly for the overuse of disk space. If you believe you need to upgrade your plan, see your WebClick Client Portal for your options.

Need to clean out your account? You can log into Webmail to see the email that is stored on the server directly.

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